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Deeply-rooted in our family heritage, we came to the United States to forge a new path in the ranching industry. In the late 1900’s, Alfonso Ramos Sanchez brought the family business to New Mexico. Pioneered by his son, Juan Ramos Baeza, along with George Chapman of Amarillo, Texas, they achieved producing high-quality beef through the use of progressive and uniform Bonsmara genetics.

Now in its sixth generation in ranching, our family strives to be excellent caretakers of our land in New Mexico and Oklahoma. Together as a family, we decided to embark on a new journey: deRamos Premium Meats. This modern adventure allows everyone to have a seat at our table and experience our high-quality meats and products.

By raising our cattle on our ranches, and processing them at our family owned facility, we guarantee that our products exceed the highest quality control, humane handling, and sustainable regenerative agriculture standards. By supporting our family-owned business, you are bringing a taste of our range home to your family’s dinner table and bringing awareness to a better way of producing beef. Our cattle brand plays a central part in the deRamos identity, demonstrating our commitment to seeing things through from start to finish, and ultimately sealed with the deRamos stamp of approval.

Thanks for welcoming us to your table.

"Where excellence meets elegance, deRamos is a brand founded on our family's passion for raising superior Bonsmara cattle and purveying the world's finest meats. We want you to taste the deRamos difference and experience the unparalleled quality we bring to every bite."