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Two decades ago, the Bonsmara cattle breed made its way from South Africa to North America and since then the Ramos and Chapman families have blazed a trail for Bonsmara cattle in the United States and Mexico. The Ramos family fell in love with the breed due to their efficiency, high quality genetics and superior beef quality.

Bonsmara cattle originate from South Africa and are a rare red cattle breed sought after for its unmatched tenderness.

Grown naturally in the United States in large pastures with the highest humane standards, Bonsmara cattle thrive as the healthiest cattle in America, as established by third party Kosher verification. No other cattle in America have higher consistent Kosher rates than Bonsmara. They do not require antibiotics and added hormones to stay healthy.

Bonsmara is sourced from Certified Bonsmara cattle producers in the United States, who ensures the integrity of the breed and quality of the beef from ranch to plate. The Ramos family certifies all Bonsmara cattle through the American Bonsmara Association to guarantee the beef is Certified Bonsmara Beef.

Consistent tenderness, juiciness, and true beefy flavor are distinguishable hallmarks of Bonsmara beef.